Practice Areas

The main principle in our Law Office, where actively providing services, is “loyalty to the code of practice with a sense of responsibility while carrying out the duties of attorneyship and practice of law, and worthiness of the client’s trust”.

Since 2015, all the legislations, court rulings and practices have been pursued for a complete success in settling all legal disputes, practicing defence, expressing opinions, filing law suits or pleading against charges pressed, and following execution proceedings.

Our law office serves as a permanent legal advisor to various companies and pursues cases on their behalf with attorneys at law eminent in their fields, as well as offering expert’s opinion on calculation of compensation in the case of death or injury, Our office has trained many interns, all of whom currently continue their practice of law successfully.


Kalaycı Law Office provides attorneyship services in any types of case to be filed within the scope of family law. The basic legal consultancy services offered in the field of family law are as follows:

  • Uncontested and contested divorce cases

  • In divorce cases, alimony, custody of the children in common, material and moral compensation and liquidation of matrimonial property between spouses

  • Arrangement of pre – marriage matrimonial property agreements

  • Litigations to compensate for the material and moral damages resulting from breach of engagement

  • Registration of family residence in the land registry

  • Custody, guardianship and legal consultancies

  • Recognition and enforcement of divorce certificates received from foreign courts by Turkish citizens living abroad

Kalaycı Law Office provides legal consultancy services mainly focusing on the following cases;

  • Providing finance to all natural and legal persons (banks and financial institutions) through contracted loans and other means within the scope of banking and finance law,

  • Cases arising from mortgage, collateralized transactions and loan agreements, and

Pursuance of and enforcement proceedings for the rights and receivables of banks and other finance companies.

Rapid developments in the field of IT technologies bring about related legal problems. Kalaycı Law Office provides its clients with consultancy and attorneyship services with its specialized lawyers concerning IT related legal disputes. The major legal services provided in the field of Law of Information Technologies are as follows: 

  • Cases related to Legal and Criminal Liabilities Regarding Internet Publications,

  • Cases related to violation of intellectual and personal rights on the internet

  • Cases related to protection of domain names

  • Cases related to Transfer of Domain Names and unfair competition arising from Domain Names and all other unfair competition practices on the internet

  • Cases related to Internet Criminal Law and the liabilities of service providers in these fields

  • Cases related to Arrangement of Electronic and Distance Contracts and violations of these contracts

  • Resolution of disputes arising from internet access denials

  • Resolution of any disputes within the scope of the Law No. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasting in the Internet and Fighting against Crimes Committed through Internet Broadcasting

  • Setting up the legal infrastructure of the website and preservation of content and design

  • Cases and resolution of any disputes related to e-commerce

Kalaycı Law Office provides any types of attorneyship and consultancy services to its clients regarding issues of criminal law starting from the investigation stage. The basic legal services within this scope are as follows:

  • Defence of (any) complainant and / or defendant rights in Pre-trial, Final Investigation and Trial stages

  • Resolution of legal disputes within the framework of Turkish Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code and all other relevant laws and regulations

  • All types of advocacy and legal consultancy services with regards to the Legislation on Tenders and Taxes

  • Kalaycı Law Office provides attorneyship and consultancy services in all the fields concerning Energy and Mining Law, mainly being license applications and amendments with regards to energy market and execution of any procedures regarding Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA)

Kalaycı Law Office carries out all application, registration, amendment and cancellation procedures of domestic and international companies regarding the Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property in Turkey and abroad and our clients are represented in any relevant agreements and disputes.

Basic legal services provided by Kalaycı Law Office in this field are as follows:

  • Litigations and other legal transactions regarding Trademark and Patent rights

  • Trademark, Patent, industrial design, utility model and geographical indication registration procedures

  • Criminal and Compensation actions to prevent violations of Trademark and Patent Rights

  • Cases arising from Violation of Copyrights

  • Giving opinion on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights regarding Merger and Acquisition

  • All  kinds of trademark research, registration and transfer procedures at international level

  • Preparation and proceedings of License Agreements

  • Industrial design applications

Kalaycı Law Office provides services with its professional team in the following areas regarding Real Estate Law:

  • Actions of Land Registration, Cancellation and Recovery

  • Procedures regarding Establishment of Mortgage, Foreclosure of Mortgage and Expropriation Actions

  • Rights of Usufruct, Access and Contracts of Construction in return for Flat

  • Resolution of disputes regarding personal rights in rem

  • Disputes arising from Evacuation, Rent Valuation and Rental Agreements

  • Cooperative transactions and acquisition of immovable property

  • Construction servitude and property ownership

Kalaycı Law Office offers attorneyship and consultancy services in the following fields:

  • Preparation of all kinds of Contracts and Proceedings within the scope of Labor Law

  • Regulation of relations between Employees and Employers in accordance with the Labor Law

  • Providing Mediation services regarding disputes that may arise between employees and employers  

  • Preparation of service contracts

  • Cases of Seniority, Notice, Overtime and Salary Claim

  • Cases and disputes arising from employment, dismissal and cancellation of labor contract

  • Resolution of cases and disputes arising from occupational accidents and illnesses

Kalaycı Law Office offers attorneyship and consultancy services regarding the resolution of disputes arising from inheritance law. The main legal services offered within this context are as follows:

  • Preparation of testamentary instruments and transactions mortis causa

  • Receipt of inheritance certificates

  • Actions of cancellation of testament and enforcement

  • Actions on determination of inheritor’s estate and lawsuits of abatement

  • Annulment cases based on fictitious transaction of the inheritor

Kalaycı Law Office works as a certified public accountant of numerous domestic and international companies and offers regular consultancy services in any types of legal issues.

The main legal services offered by Kalaycı Law Office in the field of Commercial and Corporate Law are as follows:

  • Execution of establishment procedures of domestic and international corporations

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • General Assembly Meetings and other transactions

  • Preparation of Master Agreements and Shareholders Agreements

  • Assignment of Shares

  • Preparation of Board decisions

  • Annulment of General Assembly decisions

  • Resolution of disputes arising from relations between traders

  • Disputes regarding Competition Law and relevant litigations and transactions

Kalaycı Law Office offers all types of legal consultancy and attorneyship services, which natural and legal persons need within the frame of Medicine / Health Law in addition to:

  • Disputes and litigations regarding the rights of patients and doctors

  • Malpractice lawsuits arising from physicians’ errors and related compensation claims

  • Kalaycı Law Office offers legal support and consultancy services for numerous domestic and international persons and companies in the process of preparation, proceedings and review of contracts in line with their needs.

  • Kalaycı Law Office offers reconciliation and mediation services in addition to consultancy services regarding National and International Arbitration Procedures. M. Akif KALAYCI studies in this field as special also wrote 15,000 word dissertation at Energy Law.
    In addition, Kalaycı Law Office performs legal procedures regarding the recognition and approval of arbitral decisions made in foreign countries before Turkish Courts

  • Kalaycı Law Office offers services in the fields of material compensation actions arising from the violations against physical integrity and deprivation due to death and other material compensation actions.

    We have been serving as experts in Judicial and Administrative cases since 2015 and offer our reviews and opinions regarding injuries, disability, deprivation and other issues as requested by the court.

Kalaycı Law Office provides litigation services in Enforcement Courts and General Courts regarding protection their clients’ claims arising from enforcement and bankruptcy law and attorneyship services for other relevant transactions. The main fields of service are as follows:

  • Resolution of disputes between debtors, creditors and third parties

  • Starting executive proceedings and enforcement actions before Enforcement Offices

  • Foreclosure of mortgage

  • Cancellation of objection, Negative declaratory and Recovery actions

  • Liquidation, postponement and declaration of bankruptcy estates

  • Provisional attachment and objection to provisional attachment

  • Providing its clients with services in the fields of litigation of the Annulment actions of Full Remedy and Administrative Operations to be filed before Administrative Courts and the Supreme Court against administrative operations and decisions; Objections to the decisions of the Public Procurement Agency and resolution of disputes; objections against development and housing transactions of municipalities and the execution of legal procedures, Kalaycı Law Office also offers services to its clients with its professional team in cases of all kinds of tax disputes  and cases  arising from Tax Regulations such as Income and Corporate Tax disputes, Annulment actions and Tax Exemption.

Kalaycı Law Office offers consultancy and litigation services regarding the following fields:

  • Preparation of Contracts and Management Plans in the field of Construction Law

  • Preparation of Contracts of Construction in return for Flat and Allotment and Sub-contracts

  • Litigations and execution of transactions arising from these contracts

  • Resolution of disputes related to contracting, contractors and sub-contractors

  • Build – operate – transfer projects

  • Providing attorneyship services for some visual and printed media organizations, Yeşilyurt Law Office serves its clients with its professional team in accordance with both the Media Law and Radio and Television Supreme Council and other legislation proceedings. Within this context, we provide our clients with all types of legal assistance in Public Prosecution Offices and Criminal Courts related to violation of personal rights, elimination of attacks, material and moral compensations and correction and media crimes.

  • Kalaycı Law Office offers attorneyship and consultancy services before Consumer Courts in lawsuits and other legal procedures regarding the protection of human rights in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and relevant regulations.

  • Kalaycı Law Office offers services regarding the issues of obtaining residence permit, work permit and Turkish citizenship in accordance with the rules of law that foreign persons are subject to and administrative and legal proceedings and their resolutions related to citizenship or being foreigner and carries out all the necessary procedures before public enterprises