Practice Areas

The main principle in our Law Office, where actively providing services, is “loyalty to the code of practice with a sense of responsibility while carrying out the duties of attorneyship and practice of law, and worthiness of the client’s trust”.

Since 2015, all the legislations, court rulings and practices have been pursued for a complete success in settling all legal disputes, practicing defence, expressing opinions, filing law suits or pleading against charges pressed, and following execution proceedings.

Our law office serves as a permanent legal advisor to various companies and pursues cases on their behalf with attorneys at law eminent in their fields, as well as offering expert’s opinion on calculation of compensation in the case of death or injury, Our office has trained many interns, all of whom currently continue their practice of law successfully.


Kalaycı Law Office provides attorneyship services in any types of case to be filed within the scope of family law. The basic legal consultancy services offered in the field of family law are as follows:

  • Uncontested and contested divorce cases

  • In divorce cases, alimony, custody of the children in common, material and moral compensation and liquidation of matrimonial property between spouses

  • Arrangement of pre – marriage matrimonial property agreements

  • Litigations to compensate for the material and moral damages resulting from breach of engagement

  • Registration of family residence in the land registry

  • Custody, guardianship and legal consultancies

  • Recognition and enforcement of divorce certificates received from foreign courts by Turkish citizens living abroad