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We are in the service of our clients with our young and dynamic team and practical solutions that closely follow the rapidly developing law rules in today's world.

Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Kalaycı Law Office provides any types of attorneyship and consultancy services to its clients regarding issues of criminal law starting…..


Labor and Social Security Law

Kalaycı Law Office offers attorneyship and consultancy services in the following fields…


Health Law

Kalaycı Law Office offers all types of legal consultancy and attorneyship services, which natural and legal persons….


Family Law

Kalaycı Law Office provides attorneyship services in any types of case to be filed within the scope of family law…


The Law of Trade and Companies

Kalaycı Law Office works as a certified public accountant of numerous domestic and international companies….


Compesation Law

Kalaycı Law Office offers services in the fields of material compensation actions arising from…


Kalaycı Law Office offers successful,active,exact solutions.

Kalaycı Law Office works in partnership with law offices in several provinces in Turkey and also provides services to its clients with its partner law offices in London.